Q: How many times can I submit?

You may submit to this job posting one time with your resume, personal statement, article, state & country and a link to your Linkedin 

Q: Can I send you my work via email? Can I send submissions in the mail?

We DO NOT accept submissions via email. You must use Submittable to submit your work. 

Q: Do you accept international submissions?

We absolutely accept international submissions, but please note the primary language must be English to be considered for the Head Writer position.

Q: What is Submittable?

Submittable is the platform we use to collect, read, and accept work. An account is free to set up and can be found here: submittable.com

Q: I lost my Submittable password, am having issues submitting, or am having trouble with my payment. Can you help?

The best thing to do for technical issues is to contact Submittable directly, as they handle all the back-end support for us regarding payments and passwords. You can contact them here: support@submittable.com


Q: What are your guidelines about format, i.e Times New Roman, double-spaced, etc.?

We do not have guidelines related to font or spacing, but please send us a clean and easy to read article and resume. 

Q: What am I supposed to write in my personal statement?

Think of your personal statement as a brief bio and what you would like Flippa to know about you as a job candidate. Don’t overthink it, we just want to know a little about you. This shouldn't be longer than 100 words

Q: What am I supposed to write in my article?

Please choose a topic for your article. Any articles that are off topic a will not be considered. Make it interesting and fun to read and keep it within the 700-1000 word limit. To see what has been previously published, head to Flippa’s blog.

Q: I submitted my application, but I need to make revisions. What do I do?

We fully understand that at times revisions need to be made and errors corrected. Please email us in the event you need to make changes to your submission and we will open it for editing. You will be notified via email when your submission is open, and you will be allowed to make your changes and/or re-upload a new document if necessary. You can also request your application be open for editing within Submittable. Both are acceptable.

Q: When can I expect to hear back about my application?

Regardless of acceptance or decline, you will hear back from us, we promise. We plan to have all applications read by May 19th and we plan to contact candidates we wish to move forward with, and those still in the running for the $2,500 prize by May 1. 

Q: Can Flippa publish my submissions?

Yes, Flippa reserves the right to re-publish any submissions on their blog and a byline will be included 

Q: If I win the prize, do I have to accept the position? 

Flippa's intention is to select a winner who also wants to take the job. However,  Flippa also reserves the right to not award the Head Writer role to any contest entrant, regardless of whether the entrant wins the competition or not.  

Q: What is the job description?

The Head Writer role at Flippa is responsible for writing great articles that engage the small business audience. It's designed to be topical, educational, entertaining and ultimately help Flippa stand out as a reputable and credible source of small business insights.  

Job Functions:

Create best in class small business content

Stay up to date in best practices and trends

Quickly and accurately write content to represent our target market

Manage projects and deliverables

Work closely with Flippa marketing to understand deliverables

Communicate regularly with Flippa staff

Identify and recommend article ideas


2+ years experience in:

Creating content 

Copy Writing or Social Media Management

Strong organizational skills

Strong verbal communication skills 

Ability to self-motivate and work in a fast-changing business environment

If there is anything else you need to know you can email you can reach out to marketing@flippa.com directly 


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