Win $2,500 and a Head Writer Job at Flippa paying $43,000

Flippa is hosting a creative writing competition via Submittable to find our next Head Writer. Win the competition and you'll get a prize of $2,500 and a job at Flippa. 

All $ are USD

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Flippa is an online marketplace where businesses are bought and sold. To date over 250,000 businesses have been sold, with Flippa connecting online business owners and buyers globally. 

All submissions must include

Article from the choice of topics (see below) between 700 -1000 words

Resume or LinkedIn Profile Link

Personal Statement (100 words or less)

State, Country

Phone number 


Prize: $2,500 & Salary: $43,000

Please submit only one writing sample and resume

Please use a prompt for your writing sample. Any off-prompt submissions or ones that don't relate to small businesses will not be considered

Article Topics:

1. eBay is about to go bust and Elon Musk has just been hired as CEO, how should he transform the marketplace?

2. Your grandfather bequeathed you his mom and pop's shoe repair store. You want to bring it into the 21st century and then make a profit. What steps do you take to get there? When do you know it’s the right time to sell your business?

3. What advice would Steve Jobs give to a busy mum who has just bought an eCommerce store on Flippa?

4. You can buy or start an online business. How do you decide which is the right path for you? And, what are your next steps?

5. Choose a small business topic of your choice. 

Other Details and Terms  & Conditions

All articles must be between 700-1000 words

International submissions are welcome, but please note that the primary      language must be English to be considered for the Head Writer Position

You must be 18 years of age or older to submit

All submitters will be notified via email if their writing sample and resume have
made it to the next round of consideration

We accept doc., docx., txt., & pdf. formats

Flippa reserves the right to re-publish any submissions on their blog and a byline will be included  

Flippa reserves the right to extend the entry period at any time, but will not extend the entry period by more than 30 days

Flippa reserves the right to not award the Head Writer role to any contest entrant, regardless of whether the entrant wins the competition or not.

DEADLINE: April 15

You can also reach a staff member at for inquiries

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